Basel-Lausanne, November 10-15, 2014

The interrogation of the potentials of intercultural learning in developing more inclusive urban environments began at the first cluster meeting in Mumbai (Feb 2014), where the essence of the intercultural was explored, the “what?”, and valuable theoretical inputs were received. At the second urban lab + Symposium in Calabria, June 2014, the cluster developed a matrix to align and compare approaches across the three labs, under the sections theory, practice and methodology.

Through the overall “practice orientation” theme of the symposium, we could discuss how intercultural approaches work in practice within our labs and institutions. A further step was to anchor our discussion to the cultural territory- a rich domain where the spatial and the cultural are intrinsically linked. Each lab in the cluster pursues a particular and urgent interest in the cultural territory, which together provide a solid yet differentiated basis for the development of our inquiry.

The third step in this development will take place at the second cluster meeting, where the focus lies on methodology, the “how?” of intercultural practices in education for the built environment. How do we achieve a comprehensive understanding of the intercultural exchanges shaping territories?

Given that we have gained architectural knowledge from a territorial context, what will be our specific contribution or intervention?


Over 5 days the workshop provides different formats to further probe the intercultural while also offering an insight into the cultural territory of Switzerland.

Call for Abstracts

This is a call for abstracts for the PhD colloquium to be held at the EPFL on Friday, 14.11.14 as part of the 5-day cluster workshop. The colloquium will address the intercultural dimensions of territory.

Attention: The submission deadline has been extended to October 31,2014.