Making Sense of "Urban Inclusion"

The work of UrbanLab+ revolves around the notion of “urban inclusion”, a term that has in recent years emerged as a veritable buzzword in urban policy circles worldwide. Yet what exactly is it and what does it imply? This discussion series seeks to shed some light on the concept and its relevance and implications for thinking about cities and today's urban challenges.

Final Event

Turning Tables (Palazzo Mora/Venice)

Turning Tables is an Urban Lab+ project part of the TIME SPACE EXISTENCE exhibit official collateral event of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia organized by the GAA-Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Centre

Saturday 26th November 2016, 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Welcome to URBAN LAB+

Within the context of a world ever more urban and a seemingly ever growing number and magnitude of urban challenges, several Higher Education Institutions all over the world have in recent years established so-called "Urban Laboratories" to expand and strengthen their competences in the realms of architecture, urban planning and other built environment disciplines. These units have in common, that they are dedicated to inter- or transdisciplinary research and learning, putting an emphasis on hands-on collaborative research and education, and bringing together the disciplinary resources of the academy with the practical spheres of architecture, urban design and planning.

Aiming at addressing critical questions of today’s status and future orientation possibilities of the built environment research and education the project URBAN LAB+ focusses on the thematic issue of urban inclusion and exclusion.

Composed of a total of eight established Urban Laboratories the project provides a platform for dialogue and cooperation between partners from Europe as well as from major regions of urban growth in South Africa, Asia, and Latin America and, in doing so, advance a common goal: to promote and deliver high-quality research and education in the built environment disciplines.

URBAN LAB+ will run under the Erasmus Mundus Programme Action 3 from December 2012 to November 2015 and be coordinated by the Technische Universität Berlin.